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Caterpillar Earth Moving S3AS Turbo 312881 7c8632

Caterpillar Earth Moving S3AS Turbo 312881 7c8632

Caterpillar Earth Moving S3AS Turbo 312881 7c8632

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Detailed Product Description

Product Description


Part Number 312881
Previous versions 196801
OE number 7C8632, 0R6342
Description Earth Moving
CHRA 314005 (196871, 0R6344, 7C9309, 178229)
Turbo Model S3AS002
Manufacturer Part Number 196801
Engine Machine Gen Set 3306
Engine Industrial SR4
Grader 12H ES, 140H; 140H ES, 140H NA; 143H, 14H NA; 160H, 160H ES, 160H NA, 163H NA
Tractor 6, 6A, 6S, 6SU, 7A, 7S, 7S LGP, 7SU, 7U, 6, 7, D6H, D6H II, D6H XL, D6H XR, D7H, 56, 56H, 57H
Wheel Type Skider 528B, 530B
Equip. 198140
Fuel Diesel
S/N 6NC1-UP, R6J1-UP, 08Z1-UP, 8TD1-UP, 08Z1-UP, 13Z1-UP, 10Z8765-UP & 10Z15993-UP, 4AB05532-, 5WB05500-, 6NC1-33951, 8TD10000-99999, 08Z96265-99999, 10Z1-UP, 08Z90000-99999, 08Z84300-90313, 08Z84300-99999, 08Z86000-99999, 08Z75200-87720, 08Z75200-89743, 08Z75200-96041, 8Z45172-UP, 8Z45165-UP, 13Z27330-UP, 08Z66850-UP, 08Z66850-86747, 6NC1-99999, 08Z66000-99999, 85Z11063-UP, 13Z21215-UP, 13Z22577-UP, 13Z18024-UP, 13Z18012-UP, 2TG00001-03999, 1FJ00001-03999, 4RC00001-03999, 8KB00001-UP, 4FG00001-03999, 3YG00001-03999, 5HF00001-03999, 4FG04000-UP, 79Z04000-UP, 3YG04000-UP, 4RC04000-UP, 5HF04000-UP, 2TG04000-UP, 1FJ04000-UP, 85Z03764-UP, 8SJ00001-UP, 5BK00001-UP, 8ZJ00001-UP, 9KJ00001-UP, 5KK00001-UP, 6CK00001-UP, 8KK00001-UP, 9LK00001-UP, 2BL00001-UP, 1YL00001-UP, 2ZK00001-UP, 1AL00001-UP, 9EJ00001-UP, 5AK00001-UP, 2LR00001-UP, 7WJ00001-UP, 8KM00001-UP, 6WM00001-UP, 8JM00001-UP, 9JM00001-UP, 2FM00001-UP, 5HM00001-UP, 3YG00001-UP, 1YL00001-UP, 2KD00001-UP, 7PC00001-UP, 1AL00001-UP, 2FM00001-UP, XZH00001-UP, 13W00001-UP, 1KD04074-UP, 3ED04083-UP, 4GG04000-UP, 2DK00001-UP, 4AB05500-UP, 2RG05500-UP, 8FC05500-UP, 2DK05500-UP, 4GG05500-UP, 1KD05500-UP, 7ZK00001-UP, 2TL00001-UP, 1KD00001-UP, 3ED00001-UP, 2RG00001-UP, 4GG00001-UP
Bearing Housing 196848 (7C9305)
Turbine Wheel 314407 (7C9303) (441194-0002/441194-0001)
Comp. Wheel 194872 (7C9301)
Back plate 199646 (7C9539, 151242, 442752-0002)
Heat shield Number 197394 (7C9531)
Repair Kit 318391 (199009)(1252103756)
Turbine Housing 192804 (7C9304)
Compressor Cover 196830 (7C9302)
Gasket (turbine inlet) 310694
Gasket (oil outlet) 311585
Gasket (oil inlet) 147837



Caterpillar Earth Moving With 3306 Engine

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